There are many operations that temporarily reverse the effect of aging.

Remember that in all cases you will continue to age but the operations usually last for several years. As time passes you will gradually return to an appearance appropriate for your age.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy): A facelift tightens the loose skin of the face and neck. It does not change the eyes or forehead. The method is to undermine the skin and remove the excess. At the same time the underlying muscle is tightened. The incision is concealed behind the ear or in the scalp for most of its length.

Eyelid Tightening (Blepharoplasty): eyelid tightening removes the loose skin and bagginess from around the eyes. The excess skin is marked and excised. At the same time the small pouches of herniated fat are removed. This does not remove the fine crepiness from the eyelid skin.

Forehead Lift: Deep forehead crease lines and low brows, that create a tired look, are corrected with a forehead lift. The incision is disguised in the scalp or along the hairline. After undermining the skin and muscle the excess is removed.

Skin Resurfacing (peels, laser, dermabrasion): there is often confusion about the difference between these operations. Essentially they all do the same thing, By removing the surface layers and restructuring the deep layers of the skin they improve the appearance and get rid of many fine lines and imperfections. The appropriate operation for you depends on your needs. Your doctor can discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you.