Have Been Spent to Let the Sick of America Try Liquozone Free.

When we purchased the rights to Liquo-zone, the great problem was how to let the sick know its power.  For years we had watched it cure diseases which medi-cine could not cure.  We had proved that, in germ troubles, its results were almost inevitable.  We were using it daily in our own homes, as a preventive of sickness, and we knew that every home should have it.

In every neighborhood, all over Amer-ica, there was sickness which nothing but Liquozone could cure.  There was everywhere suffering which Liquozone alone could stop.  And thousands were dying whom Liquozone could save.  What was the right way—the best way—to quickly let those sick ones know it?

We decided to buy the first bottle and give it free to every sick one we learned of.  And we published this offer in 2,500 papers. The result is that millions know Liquozone almost as well as we do.  And half the people you meet, wherever you are, know some one whom Liquozone has cured.

Not Medicine.

Liquozone is not made, like medicine, by compounding acid and drugs; nor is there any alcohol in it.  Its virtues are derived solely from gas, made in large part from the best oxygen producers.  The process of making takes fourteen days and requires immense apparatus.  At the end of two weeks we get one cubic inch of Liquozone for each 1,250 cubic inches of gas used.  The attainment of this product has, for more than twenty years, been the constant subject of scientific and chemical research.

The main result is to get into a liquid, and thus into the blood, a powerful, yet harmless germicide.  And the product is so helpful—so good for you, under any condition—that even a well person feels its instant benefit.

This is a product which, in the past two years, has sprung into worldwide use in the treatment of germ diseases.  It is now

used by the sick of nine nations by phy-sicians and hospitals everywhere.  It is daily used in millions of homes in Amer-ica.

We Paid $100,000

For the American rights to Liquozone, and the rights in other countries have sold for proportionate sums.  We mention this fact to indicate the value of Liquo-zone—the value to you.  Men have never before paid such a price for any discov-ery used in the cure of sickness.

We need not tell you that we proved Liquozone well before buying it.  For years it was tested through physicians and hospitals, in this country and others. It was employed in every stage of every germ disease; in all the most difficult cases obtainable.  With thousands of sick ones, considered incurable, we proved that it did what medicine could not do.  Then, and then only, did we pay the price.

Since then we have spent nearly $2,000,-000 to make Liquozone known.  We have bought the first bottle and given it free to every sick one we learned of.  These people told others, and the others told others.  The result is that Liquozone is now more widely employed than any med-icine ever was.  And no one can doubt that it is doing more for sick humanity than all the drugs in use combined.

Kills Inside Germs.

The greatest value of Liquozone lies in the fact that it kills germs in the body without killing the tissues, too.  And no man knows another way to do it.  Any drug that kills germs is a poison, and it cannot be taken internally.  For that rea-son, medicine is almost helpless in any germ disease.

Liquozone is a germicide so certain that we publish on every bottle an offer of $1,000 for a disease germ that it cannot kill.  Yet it is not only harmless, but of

wonderful benefit—better than anything else in the world for you.  No one is so well that he cannot be helped by it.

The reason is that germs are vege-tables; and Liquozone—like an excess of oxygen—is deadly to vegetal matter.  To the human body Liquozone is exhilarat-ing, vitalizing, purifying—the most need-ful, the most helpful thing possible.  But to germs it is certain destruction; and these facts are true of nothing else in existence.

Germ Diseases.

There are the known germ diseases, all due to germs or to the poisons which germs create.  These are the diseases to which medicine does not apply, for drugs cannot kill inside germs.

All that medicine can do for these troubles is to act as a tonic, aiding Na-ture to overcome the germs.  But these results are indirect and uncertain, de-pending on the patient’s condition.  A cure is always doubtful when drugs are used, and some of these diseases medi-cine never cures.

Liquozone alone can destroy the cause of these troubles.  It goes wherever the blood goes, so that no germ can escape it. The results are almost inevitable.  Dis-eases which have resisted medicine for years yield at once to Liquozone.  “In- curable” diseases are cured by it.  In any stage of any disease in this list the re-sults are so certain that we will gladly send to any patient who asks for it an absolute guaranty.

Asthma,                                Hay Fever–Influenza,

Abscess–Anaemia,            Kidney Diseases,

Bronchitis,                           La Grippe,

Blood Poison,                     Liver Troubles,

Bright’s Disease,                Malaria—Neuralgia,

Bowel Troubles,                 Many Heart Troubles,

Coughs–Colds,                   Piles–Pneumonia,

Consumption,                     Pleurisy–Quinsy,

Colic–Croup,                      Rheumatism,

Constipation,                      Scrofula,

Catarrh–Cancer,                  Skin Diseases,

Dysentery–Diarrhea,        Stomach Troubles,

Dandruff–Dropsy,             Throat Troubles,

Dyspepsia,                           Tuberculosis,

Eczema–Erysipelas,          Tumors–Ulcers,

Fevers–Gall Stones,          Women’s Diseases.


All diseases that begin with fevers—all inflamma-tion—all catarrh—all contagious diseases—all the results of impure or poisoned blood.

In nervous debility Liquozone acts as a vitalizer, accomplishing what no drugs can do.

50c Bottle Free.

If you need Liquozone, and have never used it, please send us the coupon below. We will then send you an order on a local druggist for a full-sized bottle—a 50c bot-tle—and will pay the druggist ourselves for it.  This applies only to the first bot-tle, of course—to those who have never used it.

The acceptance of this offer places you under no obligations.  We simply wish to convince you; to let the product itself show you what it can do.  Then you can judge by results as to whether you wish to continue.

This offer itself should convince you that Liquozone does as we claim.  We would certainly not buy a bottle and give it to you, if there was any doubt of re-sults.  You want these results; you want to be well and to keep well.  Then be fair enough to yourself to accept our offer to-day.  Let us show you, at our expense, what this wonderful product means to you.

Liquozone costs 50c and $1.




for this offer may not appear again.  Fill out the blanks, and mail it to The Liquozone Company, 458-464 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

My disease is  _____________________

I have never tried Liquozone, but if you will supply me a 50c bottle free I will take it.




627D             Give full address—write plainly.


Any physician or hospital not yet using Liquozone will be gladly supplied for a test.