Many people are victims of HIDDEN HUNGER FOR VITAMINS

Hollow Stomach?

        Tired Out?

Feel Mean?


It can make a tremendous difference in your health and how you feel



IDDEN hunger for vitamins takes a variety of forms.


It can give you a general “let down” feeling day after day.  It can affect your vision, your eyes, your hair, your skin.  It can take the keen edge off your zest for life.


On the other hand, when you satisfy this hidden hunger these adverse results disappear and you feel wonderful and full of drive.


The best way to get the vitamins you need is in the foods you eat:  fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals, dairy products.


            In fruits, for example, you get a big start on your day’s vitamins when you enjoy a dish of Sunsweet Prunes for breakfast.


            Prunes outrank a long list of popular fruits in Vitamin A, and contain more Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) than any other fruit, rank first in Niacin and important food minerals.


            Sunsweet Prunes are rich in natural fruit sugar as well, an unsurpassed source of quick energy.


            A remarkable fruit indeed!  And fortunately one of the most economical, for Sunsweet Prunes are processed by dehydration; a single pound represents three full pounds of the fresh fruit.


            These fine prunes are packed in California by the growers themselves, “Tenderized” for quick-cooking and better eating out-of-hand, and sealed in foil-wrapped boxes to protect the delicate flavor.


Whether you prefer package prunes to cook your own way, ready-to-serve prunes, or prune juice, be sure to get Sunsweet, there’s nothing finer.