Underwater Africa works in cooperation with the Marine Megafauna Foundation to save Manta Rays and Whale Sharks from extinction.

The Marine megafauna announces its participation in a new type of research volunteer program in Tofu beach. It has been developed for 8, 12 and 16 week packages for volunteers to be able to come out and assist researchers. This volunteer program allows people to come out to Tofu and work with our scientists and research students on a wide range of different research programs including work on manta rays, whale sharks, dugongs, marine turtles, dolphins and a lot of other threatened species of marine megafauna. 
If you love the ocean and you love animals this is the place for you.

Tofu beach

Welcome to Underwater Africa, a unique marine volunteer expedition programme based in picturesque Tofo, Mozambique!
You will be pressed to find a marine-focused, volunteer expedition as special as ours. 
What makes this programme so unique? 
The answer is simple: Our People
You need only look at our Facebook page to see how dedicated we are to making our volunteers’ stay with us a memorable one! 
You can get to know us in advance by clicking website.

Underwater Africa was created as an extension of the Marine Megafauna Foundation’s efforts in Africa. 
We hoped by integrating young aspiring scientists and passionate volunteers into our dedicated research programs we could gain new perspectives, build capacity, and extend our reach along the eastern African coastline.