Fast Food has changed the way we live and die.

Here are some eye-opening statistics about fast food

    According to the US Department of Agriculture, the added cost of healthcare and related expenses due to obesity related illnesses is $71 billion a year.
    One in five Americans is obese. As many as 300,000 to 400,000 Americans die from obesity related causes yearly.
    In one year overweight employees cost their employers an alarming cost of $12.7 billion in sick time and insurance coverage.
    Forty percent of our children get their food from fast food chains, convenience stores and restaurants.
    As many as 13% of US schools have fast food franchises.

The number of children from age 6 to 11 who are overweight has doubled from 7% to 13% in the past 25 years.

In the desire to bolster revenues, school principals are allowing vending machines inside their schools to encourage the sale of soda pop and other junk food.  Incidentally, vending machines contribute as much as $750 million nationwide in extra money to the schools.
It’s is also not hard to imagine that our children are continuously bombarded with fast food ads, everywhere they go, anytime of the day.
Fortunately, schools, legislators and NGO’s have woken up and taken action against fast food and junk food.
30 school districts in California, Tennessee and Wisconsin have successfully kicked soft drink vendors out of their schools.

Prevention of Childhood Obesity Act bans vending machines that sell poor nutritional foods such as soda, candy and soft drinks to children in schools that receive federal funds.   Commercial Alert, a nonprofit organization launched the Child Obesity Prevention Campaign program that bans marketing and distribution of junk food in schools.
The web site of Commercial Alert reports a long list of endorsers of this program which includes leading authors, scientists, obesity experts and organizations such as the American College of Preventive Medicine and the Yale Prevention Research Center .

    More than $33 billion a year is spent in marketing products that are mostly loaded with fat, salt and sugar.
    Each month, more than 90% of the children in the eat at McDonalds.
    Each year, over $1 million is spent by the American National Cancer Institute in a campaign to educate people about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.
    Fast food companies make higher profits on soft drinks than on their food products.        
    McDonalds is the largest owner of private playgrounds in North America .
    Americans spent over $54 billion on soft drinks.
    Do you know how big the artificial flavor industry is? Its annual revenues reach $1.4 billion.
    Obesity is second only to smoking as a cause of death.

The benefits of being healthy include higher levels of energy, being able to fight off diseases quicker and more easily, and being relatively healthier.

Healthy people generally have a lower risk of getting heart disease or cancer.
With enough fiber to aid in the digestion process, you are able to rid your body of harmful substances faster and more efficiently.
Low fat diets help in preventing breast and prostrate cancer.  Eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables and your will enjoy the benefits of protecting your body cells from damage through the anti-oxidants found in these types of foods.  Exercise thirty minutes daily and you can eventually reduce your weight by 5 to 10%.
This will also reduce your risk of acquiring Diabetes Type 2 by 58%.
Focus on a high calcium intake and you will avoid diseases like osteoporosis when you get older.  If you need dietary guidelines you can consult the USDA food pyramid.
The bottom of the pyramid reveals the types of food that you should be eating more of, while the top reveals those that you should be avoiding.