Thanks to being composed mostly of water and alcohol, vodka is a liquor that carries little in the way of flavor or impurities.

This makes vodka the perfect medium for infusing various flavors, leading to delicious and unique drinks such as the Sweet Tea Cocktail.

The Ginger Bite is a cocktail that makes use of such an infused vodka, bringing together at long last ginger and vodka.

Granted, most people likely have little desire to unite ginger and vodka but the flavor combination is surprisingly effective in cocktails like the Ginger Bite.

Major distributors have released ginger vodka and other infused flavors, but it’s also incredibly easy to make at home with a small amount of effort and a lot of time.

The cocktail itself requires the following ingredients:

One ounce of ginger vodka
Half an ounce of gold tequila
Half an ounce of lime juice
2 ounces of ginger ale
1 lemon and 1 wedge of ginger

Crush the lime and ginger in a shaker before adding the liquors and a few cubes of ice.

Vigorously shake the mixture and then strain into a glass, adding the 2 ounces of ginger ale to finish the drink.