Many jewelry-related Web sites are directed at consumers and those for the trade are often password-restricted. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.s site is a bit unusual - it offers helpful, easily accessible information to both jewelers and consumers. 

The section called "For Jewelry Owners" offers consumers tips on protecting personal jewelry. The site describes what burglars look for in locating a potential victim and explains how to defend against a break-in. Also explained in detail is Jewelers Mutuals Personal Insurance Program, which consumers purchase through jewelers. Information is available on the difference between the personal jewelry policy and a standard homeowners policy, along with instructions on how consumers can obtain the insurance. Jewelers who sell personal insurance policies can direct customers to this section of the Web site. 

"For The Jewelry Industry" is directed at retail jewelers. A list of the various types of insurance programs and policies offered to jewelers is available with detailed descriptions of each. The "Lessons to Learn From" page describes several examples of robberies, burglaries and thefts. The robbery page lists steps for jewelers to take during and immediately after a robbery, as well as how to prevent a robbery. Another page explains how to find a Jewelers Mutual agent and lists the "Ten Best Reasons to Insure With Jewelers Mutual." The company also offers its line of loss prevention materials, including videotapes, training materials and window and counter signs, along with an on-line order form. 

Theres one section that neither jewelers nor consumers can enter – Jewelers Mutual agents only can enter by use of an access password. Its a quick method of communicating detailed information to the companys many agents scattered throughout the nation.
The information is timeless and helpful. 
Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co

Address: 24 Jewelers Park Dr, Neenah, Wisconsin
Phone: +1 888-884-2424