Properly protecting your fine jewelry is not only prudent, it is a demonstration of your proud appreciation of your investment in wearable art and the “tangible memories” of your life. Choosing the best protection is not difficult, and is made easier by the proven recommendation from your Trusted Preferred Provider, Choice Group International, who presents Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company as the single most reputable provider of insurance services specifically for your fine jewelry!
Since 1913, Jewelers Mutual has been insuring jewelry stores and personal jewelry only, and has been saving clients more than money: they have been offering extremely affordable “peace of mind.” Different from traditional jewelry policies or “riders,” Jewelers Mutual offers a Replacement Policy, which CGI knows is in your best interest. Quite simply, even if your jewelry increases in value (even greater than appraised value within policy term), should you experience a loss, it will be replaced for you with at least “like-kind quality,” not merely a “lump sum” dollar amount of coverage less any fees or deductibles like other carriers! And, if you do experience a loss, you need not fear of other important policies (homeowners, renters) being cancelled or rates being raised!
Jewelers Mutual insures the nations’ most reputable and prestigious jewelry stores, and their clients by referral. It only stands to reason that these Preferred Clients are being serviced by the most professional and reputable jewelers, and as such, the jewelry of these better informed customers is properly cared for as needed. These clients in turn represent a select group that experiences fewer losses, and therefore allow JMI to charge lower premiums for a more desired insurance product. It is as simple as that, and remains one of the best kept “secrets” in the insurance business!

You may visit the entire JMI website to learn all the details concerning this invaluable protection for your jewelry, and to apply online as a Choice Preferred Customer. You can discover the history of Jewelers Mutual, download an Application, and even determine your own Premium!

Protection of your fine jewelry is not a luxury: it is a responsibility!