Patients complain of four problems caused by aging in the face.

Loose Skin: There are several areas where we see loose skin form in the aging face.
The neck, jowls and around the eyes are the most common.
Facelifting is often the best treatment.

Fine Lines: Small wrinkles, called rhytids, become more common with time and are especially common in light complected people.
The most common sites are around the mouth and eyes but they can develop throughout the face.
These lines are made worse by sunlight.
Treatment may involve resurfacing or fillers, like collagen.

Exaggeration of Normal Features: A more subtle sign of aging is the exaggeration of our normal facial features.
Examples of this are the lengthening of the earlobes, the drooping of the tip of the nose, lowering of the brow and the increase in the fat pads below the chin and in the fold between the nose and the lip.
Sometimes even in quite young peope the chin may droop creating the witchs chin deformity.
These often create a tired or aged look.
A forehead lift is often used for the tired look created by heavy brows.

Bagginess around the eyes:
Loose skin is not the only cause of the baggy appearance around the eyes.
In most people small fat pads herniate from around the eye itself and come to rest beneath the skin.
This causes shadow and emphasizes the laxity.
In some patients an inherited darkening of the skin is made worse more noticeable by this shadow. Eyelid tightening may help.

Signs of aging are not limited to the face, they are seen throughout the body.
Many are made worse by sunlight and altitudein southern areas, like New Mexico, Arizona, Florida and California

Aging change in the hand: wrinkling, loose skin and enlarged veins on the back of the hand are common problems as we grow older