A tornado struck Tulsa on Aug 06 2017 damaging buildings and injuring around 30 people

No deaths were reported when the tornado struck at around 1:30AM.

The National Weather Service said it confirmed damage from an EF-2 tornado in the central part of Tulsa.

Eight people were hospitalized after a TGI Fridays restaurant collapsed, trapping people inside.

"It completely collapsed right on top of everybody so its, its lucky that people came out with their lives," restaurant manager Zane McCollough said.

More than 14,000 people in the Tulsa area lost power at one point due to the tornado and severe storms, utility provider Public Service Company of Oklahoma said. Around 125 utility poles were broken or damaged.

The city’s warning sirens did not sound before the tornado struck. Tulsa Area Emergency Management Director Roger Jolliff described it as a fast-moving storm that left little time for warning.

"To have warned we would have been warning after the fact, which would have not been the right thing to do," Jolliff said.